FAQS AND Vastu TIPS from Vastu Expert

Vastu Faqs (Did you Know ?)

What is Vastu?

Vastu is a science that provides a set of principles for the construction, layout and interior design of houses, temples and even whole cities. Vastu works to establish harmony between body, mind and universe by creating living spaces that are similarly attuned with the cosmic balance and are orientated according to the movement of the sun and moon, the electromagnetic field of the earth, the five elements and the astrological influence of the planets. When alignment is achieved, the living space echoes the basic structure of the universe, and prana (the energy sustaining all living beings) flows freely through the living space, bringing health, happiness, peace and well-being to its inhabitants. Vastu originated over 10,000 - 12,000 years ago from the ancient sacred Hindu texts known collectively as the Vedas.

Is there an association between Vastu and any religion?

Vastu is a holistic science and comes from the Vedic tradition in India as do yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. Like these practices, the life-enhancing benefits of Vastu stand on their own. As Vastu guidelines are based on fixed laws of nature and its effects are universal the applicability is not limited to any particular religion, community or country.

Why practice Vastu?

If the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) are balanced and any obstructions to life-supporting energy are removed you will receive the maximum life enhancing energy and support of nature, which will assist you in unfolding your full potential. You will have more opportunities and your thinking will be clear to act on them in the proper time. Vastu also provides us with information on which areas of the living space have the largest potential for our daily activities. For example, the north-east is most auspicious for meditation, south-east for cooking, and south-west for sleeping etc.

When is it a good time to have a Vastu consultation?

Ideally one should have Vastu consultation done when planning a house / commercial space. As in most cases this is not possible, generally people use Vastu when choosing an existing house, apartment or office or designing its interior. Vastu can also be utilised for any existing structure or when you are faced with problems at home or work.

When will I start to notice the benefits of Vastu?

When the elements are balanced in your environment, health of the individuals residing within the premises improves dramatically and opportunities will start arriving. It is up to you to utilize these opportunities. You may notice some improvements right away; others may take up to a year.

What are the basic principles of Vastu?

Everything that exists in the universe, including our bodies, is made of five elements. These five elements are earth (gravitational and geomagnetic energy), water (hydro energy), fire (solar energy), air (wind energy) and space (cosmic radiation). These forces have a powerful influence on us, as well as the environment. Vastu is the science of arranging our man-made environments so that we are in alignment with these forces of nature. If we are not aligned with solar and geomagnetic forces we may experience illness, misfortune and struggle. It is as if we are attempting to swim against the current of a river. The east is the source of solar, ultra-violet rays, and the north is the source of magnetic energy. We benefit by keeping our environment open to these life supporting energies. The harmful infrared rays, which come from the west, and the destructive gamma rays, coming from the south, cause disruption within the environment and our bodies. Using the principles of Vastu, we protect ourselves from these rays. Each of these elements is associated with a particular direction: water in the northeast, fire in the southeast, earth in the southwest, air in the northwest and space in the centre. By balancing these elements in their proper proportions, we will gain the benefits of health, happiness and prosperity.

Are the principles of Vastu applicable in different geographical areas around the world?

The basic principles of balancing the five elements apply throughout the world. By using the principles of this science, buildings can be designed to harmonize with the different climatic conditions of each region.

Can I benefit from using Vastu without demolishing my home and starting over?

Yes. In fact we specialize in “Vastu Corrections without Demolition”. There are practical solutions which are implemented without making any modifications to the existing structure. We use regulators which balance the overall energy flow within the premises and align it with the natural energy flows. The benefit to our hundreds of clients is a testimony to the effectiveness of the remedial solution provided. Just implementing these basic suggestions can have positive benefits in your life.

What is the scientific basis for having north and the east open?

A lower level in the northeast allows the positive magnetic energy coming from the north and the positive solar energy (ultraviolet rays) coming from the east to enter your property and house. This downward slope to the northeast allows water to flow there and absorb the positive energies. The positive magnetic energy can flow unobstructed from north to the southwest where it is accumulated. The higher level in the south and west protects us from harmful gamma and infrared rays.

Why Vastu Compliant House ?

A Vastu compliant house not only attains complete harmony with natural energies, but also provides sound health, clarity of vision and overall prosperity to its residents.

Why Vastu Consultation?

When there is an imbalance between the five chief elements of nature, it manifests into some sort of agitation, sorrow, failure, poor economic condition and many other negative results for a human being. Vastu Shastra comprises of one of the most suitable ways to overcome such problems, which many a times are unresolvable through modern methods. It suggests ways in which you can live in conformity with the laws of nature, so that you remain healthy, be peaceful and work efficiently. So, it is advisable to consult a good Vastu expert and follow his/her advice sincerely, when constructing a new building (residential or commercial), buying or leasing a property.

Is it possible to eliminate mental stress and relationship problems through Vastu?

The principles of Vastu are based on the cosmic energy that surrounds us at all times. These energies, sent out by the elements of earth, fire, water, air and ether (space) often affect our behaviour, attitude and decisions. The application of Vastu based designing helps to bring about a balance in these elements, thus improving their influence upon one's behaviour and attitude. This can automatically remedy the problems of mental stress and relationships in the house.

Are Vastu defects applicable to rented apartment / property?

Vastu principles are based on location and structure, and do not depend on the ownership of the land itself. These principles are universal and are applicable to all pieces of property. This includes rented apartments, offices, shops or any other property.