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A factory is a space where production of goods is undertaken.Usually goods are stored in warehouse for further dispatch to distributors or customers.Industries should be constructed according to vastu consultant for factory,warehouse & industry in such in such a manner that the production increases and so does the movement of finished goods. If the principles of Vastu are followed, it can lead to more production, increased sales, minimizing of labor related issues and overall smooth working conditions. Whatever be the industry, the principles of Vastu broadly remains the same and should be kept in the mind while constructing the factory with the help of vastu consultant for factory, installing the machinery, turning out the products and dispatching them to the clients. Even though there are vast differences in production methods in different industries nevertheless the broad principles of Vastu shastra are universally applicable.

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Vastu defects in Factory / Warehouse can result in:

  • Decline in Production

  • Decline in Sales

  • Wastage of raw materials

  • Labor issues

  • Interference from government bodies

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Modification as per Vastu Shastra results in:

  • Increase in productivity

  • Increased dispatches and sales

  • Decline in wastage and expenditure

  • Satisfied Employees

  • Overall Increase in Profitability and Financial Gains

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Vastu points to be considered for Factories

  • Plot condition, size and location

  • Main entrance

  • Location of machinery

  • Location of raw material and finished goods

  • Location of electrical room, firefighting equipment, septic tanks, toilets

  • Location of administrative departments, management office, finance, staff / labor quarters

  • Worker placement

Office, Shops and other business establishments

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Vastu defects in an Office / Shop may lead to:

  • Low sales volume

  • Increase in Expenses and Debts

  • Declining Profits

  • Office politics and tussle for power

  • Frequent disputes between partners

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Modification as per Vastu Shastra results in:

  • Increase in Sales and Income

  • Lowering in Expenses

  • Satisfied Customers

  • A Positive and enabling office environment

  • Overall increase in Profitability and Financial gains

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Vastu points to be considered for Office / Shops

  • Overall plan and layout of the office

  • Main entrance of the office / shop

  • Reception area

  • Location of senior management office, CEO office, director’s office

  • Location and placement of Sales and promotion department

  • Location of the Finance department

  • Location of meeting rooms, pantry, toilets,

  • Any pillars, cut or missing corners in the office


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Vastu defects in a Hotel may result in :

  • Low tourist’s arrivals

  • Decline in repeat clients

  • Low room occupancy

  • Substandard or inferior service quality

  • Labor issues

  • Dissatisfied clients

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Modification as per Vastu Shastra leads to:

  • High Average room occupancy

  • Appreciation for Quality of Service and Hospitality

  • Satisfied and Repetitive Client base

  • Energized Employees

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Vastu points to be considered for Hotels / Restaurants

Overall topography and location of the hotel including–approach road, general inclination of the land, natural environment, water bodies, mountains etc. needs to be observed and rectified where required.

  • Entrance of the Hotel

  • Location and layout of the lobby, reception and café area

  • Location of main kitchen, customer service areas,

  • Selection of Color, interior furniture and location of each room / section of the Hotel

  • Location of the water bodies like swimming pool, fountain, water tanks

  • Location of gymnasium, spa, electricity room, waste disposal

  • Location of management office, accounts, staff quarters