Vastu Consultancy Services With Vastu Expert For Buying Home/ Commercial Space

We provide vastu consultation with the best vastu expert consultant

We provide Vastu consultation to clients for rectifying Vastu defects in a premise or Vastu compliant homes. Where clients are facing issues due to unexplained reasons or are aware of Vastu related defects such consultancy is provided after a visit to the clients premises and discussion with the client and members of the family.

Vastu Consultancy Services For Buying Homes

If you are looking Vastu consultant for buying home or Vastu consultant for industry, Vastu consultation can also be provided online in a very efficient manner. For such consultations clients need to provide the architectural map of the site and premises, photos of the various rooms, any special design work etc. The documents can be sent by email and vastu advice is provided by email or by telephonic conversation.

Clients are provided with 30 day support service from us to clarify any queries regarding the advice provided, interior changes or rectifications suggested.

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