Vastu Consultant For Offices, Shops & Homes-Vastu Grading Services

We tell you vastu defects with grading services by vastu expert Consultant

Clients now a days are looking for more sophisticated advice and want to select the premises which will be suit them the best. This can relate to vastu compliant homes, residential apartments, villas, plot of land, commercial shops and offices. In some cases clients have also engaged us to analyse the suitability of the commercial offices and industries. In these cases our vastu consultant for interior design provide detailed study of all the properties are undertaken and a comparative analysis is provided to the client for them to make a informed decision.

Grade A : Excellent

‘A’ grade is also called Excellent which conforms entirely with Vastu norms while minor Vastu defect or dosh is negligible. Excellent is said to have everything on its place and in right direction.

Grade B : Good

‘B’ grade is said to be constructed with some flaws but more with Vastu norms and some defects can be ignored while others can be rectified.

Grade C : Average

‘C’ grade is referred as Average because in this type of structure there are some Vastu defects in terms of location and placement of different section of house in wrong direction.

Grade D : Poor

‘D’ grade is considered as worst plot / structure according to Vastu and must be given Vastu treatment by rectifying the defects as soon as they are determined.

We are vastu consultant for office, warehouse, Industry & factory:

  • Residential - Apartment / Villa / Farmhouse selection

  • Commercial - Offices / Retail Space/ Shopping Malls / Super Markets / Hotels / Institutes selection

  • Industrial – Factory / Warehouse / Workshop selection

  • Development - Plot / Land selection and Architectural designing for Vastu compliant premises

We focus on finding the right plot or checking the quality of the plot if it is already built up. Vastu Map Checkup services are also available which deal with correcting the map of the premise. Vastu Interiors correction is another service with which one can make the best placement and positioning plans.