Use Colour according to Vastu Consultant For Interior Design

decorate your interiorwith colour according to vastu consultant for interior design
Zone Colour
North Shades of Green
South Shades of Red
East Shades of Yellow / Orange
West Shades of Blue / Grey

Colours according to Vastu Shastra with the help of vastu consultant for interior design play a vital role in bringing balance to our minds as well as bodies and to stimulate our energy. Therefore colours in a Home, Office, Factory, Shop should be coordinated with the colours of respective planets and elements associated with different directions. This will enhance the energy flow around every individual in the related area.

Colours have immense importance in Vastu Shastra. Every colour has impact on human body, mind, brain and spiritual life. If colours are used appropriately to vastu consultant for interior design they can minimize Vastu Doshas (vastu related deficiencies). Good results are seen if we paint the premises once in every three years. A new paint gives a new look as well as it develops thinking capacity, health and objectivity.

Colours are manifestation of cosmic powers: the powers which are responsible for life. Our ancestors diligently devised rules to understand the potentials of colours.

The colours work like generators of energy in the bodies. The sun is an unending source of energy for the creatures of the earth. If this system would fault and the planet earth is deprived of the sunlight every form of life flora and fauna would also perish.

Countless people become physically and psychologically ill only because of lack of knowledge about lights. These diseases include mental and emotional disorders. Colours have such curative property which provides health to both types of patients. Colours are the means of purging our illnesses, cleansing our mind, feelings and eliminating our inner darkness.

Definite colours are recommended for the treatment of mental and physical disorders. The use of colours in combination with yoga and diet regulation gives marvelous results. Properly used, as per suggestion by vastu consultant for interior design play an important role in health and can contribute to stable mental and physical health and alleviate suffering. Colour therapists use solarized water kept in different coloured glass bottles, exposing the body to coloured light and meditation on coloured slides to balance the colour deficiencies in the body.

Overcome from vastu compliant homes using colour

Here are some guidelines on particular colours, which will assist in selecting the right Vastu colours for every room.

Bed room: Light colours are suitable for bed rooms. Pink, blue, green, grey and lavender in their lighter shades keep the rooms tranquil and induce good sleep. Pink or cream colored tiles or marble are good for flooring.

Guest room: For active and pleasant atmosphere prefer yellow, green, blue, orange or lavender in their lighter shades.

Children's room: Bright colours are suitable for baby rooms be it pink, blue, yellow orange or purple.

Study room: To improve concentration and for pleasantness opt for green, blue, light purple which also improve memory.

Kitchen: Kitchen must have some tinge of red in it depicting fire. It can be tiles, utensils, or any other items. White or blue are suitable for walls and flooring.

Bath room: White, light grey, pink or any pastel shade is suitable.