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Remedial Vastu or corrective measures for different types of Vastu defects should be attempted only after consulting a learned Vastu consultant who has proper understanding of the science of Vastu Shastra. The remedial measures of Vastu Shastra that are to be implemented in a particular house / premises can be divided into those applying to different stages during the process of construction of a house or buying home consulting with vastu consultant for buying factory and they can be implemented at either the pre construction stage or during the post construction period. At the pre construction stage the Vastu measures can be implemented to rectify inauspicious shapes, slopes and depressions in the plot, performing complete pre construction rituals and treditions, overcoming deviations faced before or during construction. Care should be taken and expert advice sought from a reputed Vastu consultant before purchasing a plot. However, if in case one has not been able to take complete Vastu advice during the pre construction stage, it is advisable to consult an expert Vastu consultant for industry and showroom whenever one realises that there is some unknown underlying reason behind the unwanted incidents taking place after the purchase of the plot or construction of the house or commercial establishment.


Following are the tools which are used for enhancing the energies and to stop the negative energies within the premises. (These should only be used under the guidance of a Vastu expert, because use of these incorrectly may do more harm than good.)

Mirrors – Mirrors are useful in counter balancing the negative vibrations due to various defects. These can be used to enhance the energy in a particular zone.

Sea Salt & Salt Lamp - Sea salt has the capability to absorb all the negative vibrations.

Copper Plates & Wires - Copper, as known is one of the best metal that is used for several astrology & vastu remedies. Generally, copper wire is used for concealing the wrong entries and also shape the desired plot in a manner to correct it. Widely, it is used to make Astrological yantras.

Pyramids - Pyramid means pyra in mid (fire in the middle). Pyramid yantra is scientifically designed instrument with holistic approach. Pyramid can be made of different materials - metal (non ferrous), special plastic, stone, glass etc. Pyramid yantra can be used for a number of purpose.

Colours - Colour therapy also work as a strong enhancing tool. (Please refer detailed discussion on Vastu and Colours).

Arts, Artefacts, Paintings – Symbols have a profound effect on the sub conscious mind. Symbols in the form of arts, artefacts and paintings influence our subconscious brain and program it to achieve certain goals or desires in life. Correct placements of these objects can have miraculous effects.

Vastu Shankha Yantra – Vastu Shankha Yantras are very powerful devices which have been specially energized to balance the negative influences of energies and to transform them into positive energy, thereby correcting the Vastu defects in a place. Vastu Yantra is a conch shell, filled with metallic elements and then charged and effused (“pran prathisthit”) with positive energies. Yantra ensures proper flow of energy within the area, which helps in the overall prosperity without any demolition or changes to the existing structure.

All Yantras are capable of eliminating the negativities of the land / structure and to enhance positive energies. They are created under special "muhurta" (auspicious time & date) and available in different powers according to the requirements of the land / place. When placed with accuracy these yantras enhance the energy levels in the space.

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