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Apartments / Condominiums

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Vastu defects in Apartments / Condominiums may result in:

  • Lack of energy in family members

  • Disputes with neighbours

  • Loss of wealth and health

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Compliance as per Vastu Shastra leads to:

  • Improvement in relationships among family members

  • Opening of new opportunities in career

  • Removal of sick building syndrome

  • General well being

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Vastu points to be considered for Apartments / Condominiums

  • Main entrance of the apartment

  • Location of kitchen, drawing area, place of worship

  • Location of master bedroom, guest room, children’s room

  • Color and furniture layout and interior of the rooms


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Vastu defects in Villas may result in:

  • Strained relationships among family members

  • Sudden Loss of income, ill health or tragedy

  • High expenditure and Increase in Debts

  • Overall decline in prosperity

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Compliance as per Vastu Shastra results in:

  • Inner peace and tranquillity

  • Gain in Prosperity and opportunities

  • Increase in Name and Fame

  • Overall improvement in Health and Wealth

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Vastu points to be considered for Villas

  • Location, shape, gradient and quality of the plot

  • Overall plan layout of the villa

  • Main Entrance, garden area and plantation

  • Location of the reception, drawing and guest meeting rooms

  • Location of the kitchen, dining area, worship area, garage, staircase

  • Location of the master bedroom, guest rooms, children’s room, servant quarters

  • Location of water bodies swimming pools, fountains, septic tanks

  • Any pillars, cut or missing corners, irregularity of shape of rooms

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