Vastu Expert For Shop

Change your energy with vastu consultant for interior design

We specialize in "Vastu Rectifications without Demolition". Ancient Vastu techniques involved the structural changes to the structure to align the energies as recommended in the shastras. Now a days the same effects can be obtained by making subtle changes in the environment which have similar benefits. By the help of vastu consultant for interior design use of various colours, symbols, images and changes to the placement of people / articles help to achieve the same objective. Vastu Shankh Yantras are placed strategically based on the desired effect - whether an energy element needs to be enhanced or blocked for vastu compliant homes or vastu expert for shop or other commercial property.

Vastu Corrections Without Demolition With Our Vastu Consultancy Services

  • Correction of Slope of the Plot

  • Corrections for eight cardinal directions

  • Correction at Compound Entrance

  • Correction of Shape of the Land/Plot

  • Corrections in Brahmasthana

  • Correcting Toilet Dosha (Toilet situated in wrong direction)

  • Protection of Place

  • Correcting Cut / Missing House corners

  • Correcting Main door defect

  • Plot Corner Correction

  • Imbalance in Elemental Energy in Premises

  • Correcting Irregular Shaped Plot

  • Rectification of an extended plot

  • Rectification of a plot with reduced corners

  • For energizing the Room

  • Obstruction Of The Main Door

  • Toilet adjoining the Bedroom

  • Correcting Staircase in the Brahmasthana or Ishan